Oh, Connor

18 09 2009

Another week is in the books. I’m gonna end it by featuring a friend of mine. He makes music using mostly a guitar and his voice, and he’s pretty good at it. He goes by the name of Oh, Connor.

I’ve known Connor for a bit. I’d say about 5 years. He’s the one who really inspired me to start playing guitar. He likes artists like Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, etc. That genre. I’ve heard it called “sad bastard” music, and I’d say that’s a pretty accurate way to describe it, as mean as it sounds. I find the genre to be overwhelming when listened to too much, but at times it can definitely hit the spot. And Connor’s music sure does.

I was fortunate enough to get to see him perform live this past summer, and I’ve gotta say, it was pretty impressive. “Buildings” is my favorite song by him. The lyrics are meaningful, yet mysterious. It makes the song feel personal and distant at the same time. “Just take what you love, nothing else matters” is some pretty great advice, though.

Ghosts… or Things I Should Know” is also a great song. It probably has a lot more meaning to him than it does to any of the listeners, but it’s definitely a phenomenal tune. The lyrics are deep, and the guitar solo bit is fucking awesome. My favorite part. The version that’s up on his MySpace is a new version. The old one didn’t have the harmonizing vocals in the background, and it sounded a bit more bare. Personally, I liked the older version more.

Oh, Connor 1

Grandeur Rd” is the most-played song on his MySpace, so I guess that makes it the most popular. Once again, it delivers with the heavy lyrics, and the somber melody. The first lines reference scary things like death and time, straight up. The fingerpicking is deadly on this track. The high pitched plucks that hit occasionally throughout the second verse add another dimension to the song. Probably my second favorite song off of the album.

You can find a collection of songs under the name Vignettes on his Last.fm page. Most of the tracks are up for free download, so I suggest downloading them. He also has a YouTube channel worth looking at. How visual. I’ve been told he’ll be playing another show sometime soon. I’m assuming it’s gonna be in Jacksonville, and I’m definitely going to make it out there. And hopefully that can turn into a concert review.

All in all, his music really is some straight dankness. I didn’t even plan to write more than like two paragraphs for this, but it turned into a beast of an article. That’s because it matters to me. It hits a spot for me, and it’s not a problem if it’s not your thing. See, that’s what music’s all about. It’s supposed to be personable. There should be a relationship between the song and the listener. This music brings up valuable memories for me, and gets me in a spot where no other music really can. Pretty deep shit. Thanks, Connor.




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