Passion Pit

16 09 2009

Today’s group is based on a recommendation of a friend. He suggested a group called Passion Pit. He’s been telling me to listen to them for quite a while now, and I decided I’d finally give them a shot.

My first impression of this group was mostly a positive one, but I don’t consider them anything overly spectacular. When people come back and look at the past couple years in music, I think bands like Passion Pit will definitely be in the talks. They remind me a lot of Australian act Cut Copy, except I’d say Cut Copy draws more influence from electronica and techno. Passion Pit definitely has the electronic aspect, but they also have a sort of sing-a-long type feel about them, similar to what I’m assuming MGMT sounds like. I haven’t listened to MGMT a whole lot, so that might be totally off.

Passion Pit 1

Their first album, entitled Manners, was released in May of 2009. On the Australian charts, it got up to number 19, which is the highest it’s been. It failed to break the United States top 50, peaking at number 51. “Sleepyhead” is their first single, and I’d heard snippets of it before somewhere, so clearly it’s gained some mad publicity. They released their second single, “The Reeling,” a week before they released Manners. I really enjoy that song. It’s super catchy, and the music is pretty awesome. I bet this group’s music makes for some great remixes. Download some of their original stuff or some remixes for free at SadSteve. Huge selection.

All in all, they’re definitely a talented act, but I also think they’re a product of the time. This genre of electro-indie-pop is taking off, and groups like this are fueling it. Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily. Can it get annoying? Yeah, after a while. But after it gets annoying you can just turn it off. For now, it hasn’t annoyed me too much.




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22 09 2009
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[…] but I’d say they’re more alternative/indie than anything. They actually toured with Passion Pit earlier this year. Good […]

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