How I Became the Bomb

14 09 2009

So, not only did Kanye West confirm that he’s a douche bag, but he also managed to look like a moron, all at the same time. Impressive. It’s a group from Nashville called How I Became the Bomb on everydaymusic.

How I Became the Bomb was a band I first heard through an episode of the All Songs Considered podcast on NPR, aired in February of 2008. I immediately appreciated their catchiness, although I’ve gotta say, they were a bit predictable. I got their first album, called Let’s Go, but that’s the only album I have by them, so that’s mostly what my opinion of them is based on.

How I Became The Bomb 1

I think their new stuff might sound a bit different. They recently released an album called Deadly Art, which you can listen to for free in it’s entirety right here. You can also download a copy of the album for a minimum of 10 dollars. It’s one of those name your price things, so if you feel like it’s worth more than 10 bucks, pay your heart out. You can get some of their EPs for free from their website. They’re called Volume IIV, and they’re probably worth checking out.

Bar Song” and “Killing Machine” are two pretty cool songs. You should give “Secret Identity” a shot. “Fat Girls Talkin’ Bout Cardio” is more of a novelty song to me, but it’s still catchy. It’s definitely a funny topic. “Minute Romance” isn’t bad either.

Either way, check out How I Became the Bomb. (Sorry about the shitty article, me and my roommates got distracted on Sporcle.)




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