The Cat Empire

10 09 2009

Hey. I’m gonna continue the Australian group theme from yesterday. Today’s act is The Cat Empire. You may have heard of them. But maybe not. And if not… well, that’s why I’m here.

I’ll let you know right off the bat that this is gonna be a short article. I have a ton of math homework to do for tomorrow, but I figure I can take 20 minutes to write an article about a group I like a lot. I first heard of The Cat Empire a few years back, not sure on the exact date. They released their self-titled, first album in 2003. It got up to #15 on the Australian charts, and their next effort – Two Shoes in 2005 – reached #1. Since then, they’ve released two albums, but I’m not a huge fan of either. Their first two releases, however, are ridiculously good, their first album in particular.

The Cat Empire 1

The Cat Empire is an incredibly diverse band that stretches across numerous genres. You can classify them as anything from jazz to funk to ska to latin, and the influences are easily noticeable in almost all of their songs. That’s what makes this group so unique, and in turn, so fun to listen to.

Nothing” is my favorite song by The Cat Empire. It’s a great tune to smoke to, to be frank. The song just bounces along, and the vocals and lyrics are perfect to just relax to. The horn solo towards the back half of the song is super enjoyable. This group just oozes rhythm and joy. Very positive music. (“The Rhythm” is also worth checking out, just to get a feel for some faster stuff. Starts out slow, though, just give it a chance. You won’t be able to resist tapping your feet, guaranteed.)

I’ve heard that the live shows are absolutely electrifying, and when you listen to their music, you’ll totally understand why. They’ll be in LA and NY later this year, but in between those dates, they’ll be spending all of their time in Canada. If only I was in Canada, too.




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