The Avalanches

9 09 2009

There’s a hockey team called the Colorado Avalanche. I can’t stand them. If today’s groups dropped the last letter off their name, I would have trouble accepting them. It’s nice to know that a single letter can make a difference between hatred and love. Here’s Australian group, The Avalanches.

So, I honestly don’t remember how I found The Avalanches. I’m under the impression that I was on SadSteve checking out the Percolator when I first heard them. That could be totally wrong though. Maybe I’m just subconsciously tossing publicity at SadSteve. We’ll never know.

The Avalanches 1

Either way, The Avalanches have been around since 1997, releasing their first album, Since I Left You, in 2000. The album received incredibly positive reviews, including a 9.5/10 from Pitchfork. There’s been talk of the next album for quite a while, and rumor has it that it should be coming out in 2009, but with only like three and a half months left in the year, the likelihood of a new album this year is bleak.

On their MySpace page you can hear the first eight tracks off of their 18 track album. This album supposedly includes samples from over 3,500 different records, which I find particularly spectacular. Some people will say sampling isn’t real music and doesn’t take much talent, but I beg to differ. The way The Avalanches use their samples is super innovative. I use samples in many of the hip-hop beats I make, and I think that’s hard. I couldn’t even imagine how tough it would be to combine a bunch of samples to create an album without the help of words over those samples. That’s mostly what impresses me so.

Since I Left You” is a great tune, and I love bumpin’ it while I’m driving. The beginning is really cool, with the little guitar intro. The “get a drink, have a good time, welcome to paradise” sample is one of my favorite parts of the whole song. The whole melody really is just so floaty and light. Overall, just an incredibly appealing song.

The Avalanches 2

Close To You” is a song that I hear for the first time a couple weeks ago. I like that tune a lot as well. The “turnin’ the joint upside down” sample is so sick. What really impresses me is how they manage to take so many different and distinct samples and make them flow together so effortlessly.

I really can’t wait for a new album from this group. For now, I’m going to have to go get Since I Left You in it’s entirety, seeing as I only have like five tracks from it right now. I suggest you do the same. Or you can just get some single MP3’s like I did from SadSteve. You can download an electronic copy of the album from for under ten bucks, but you can order a used physical copy of the album from Amazon for like 67 cents, plus like 3 dollars shipping. I’m actually going to do that right now.

Just ordered it. Hell yeah.




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