Electric President

8 09 2009

Holla. Today’s group is one I hadn’t heard of until a few weeks ago. A couple friends first introduced me to them, thinking I might like them. Turns out they were right. It’s Electric President, straight out of Jacksonville.

Electric President was started in 2003, releasing their first album S/T in 2006. One of my roommates just burned the album for me, so I’ll be listening to Electric President for the next couple weeks steadily. The song “Insomnia” is the most-played song on their MySpace, clocking in at almost 240 thousand plays, and that’s really no surprise seeing as “Insomnia” was featured in an episode of The OC.

They have a sort of electronica/indie feel, similar to that of The Postal Service. I’d even go as far as calling them sort of an anti-Owl City. I say that because I think both could be classified into a similar genre. The only difference is that Owl City provides a lot of upbeat and fast-paced tunes with bubblegum themes, while Electric President stays more mellow and relaxed for the most part, focusing on more serious-sounding subjects. I say “serious sounding” because I’m not really listening to the words… the way they’re said though, makes them sound serious.

Electric President 1

“Ten Thousand Lines” is my favorite song on the MySpace. I really like the multiple instances where the instruments drop out and you just hear the vocalist. The ornamentation is pretty awesome, as well, especially during what I guess I’d call the second verse, when you hear the little, high-pitched vocalizations helping to create the melody. Also (maybe it’s just me on this), I think the sound is at times a bit Smashing Pumpkins-like. Maybe it’s just more Billy Corgan-like than Smashing Pumpkins-like. Not sure. The last minute, where everything drops out occasionally and you just hear the guitar, is probably my favorite part of the song.

You can download S/T in it’s entirety for free right here. If you at all like any electronic sounding stuff, this is absolutely worth your time. Once again, this is Electric President’s first album. They released their second album in June of 2008. It’s called Sleep Well, and after hearing this first album, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You can snag an electronic copy of Sleep Well from Amazon.com for just eight bucks. Interested in just downloading a couple of Electric President songs? Well, you can do that for free right at SadSteve. The selection is pretty decent.

Download S/T.



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