Common Market

4 09 2009

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news: Seattle week is over. The good news: We’re ending it on a positive note, with Common Market.

Common Market is another hip hop group I first heard thanks to Blue Scholars. I think it was through Pandora that I was initially introduced to this group, and right away I noticed similarities. Turns out, that Sabzi – the DJ part of Blue Scholars – is also the DJ/producer for Common Market. Due to this, the beats all sound pretty Blue Scholars-y, but RA Scion’s delivery is unlike Geologic’s, giving the songs a slightly different feel.

Common Market 1

On the MySpace, Common Market has ten tracks to listen to, a lot of which feature catchy, piano-based beats with intelligent, technically-gifted, flowing rhymes. “Back Home (The Return)” is a great track, and I especially love the sampling in the hook. As a matter of fact, those are my favorite types of hooks, when the DJ gets to show off some skill.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed from Common Market is how they use the brass sound. “Brasso” and “Nouveau Depart” are both really heavy on the horns, featuring a selection of instruments that’s reminiscent of an actual brass band. It really slows the songs down and gives them a more serious feel, which proves to be an effective technique.

Common Market 2

Just like almost every other group I’ve talked about this week, Common Market will be playing at Bumbershoot 2009. They’re slated to go on 6 September at 5:45 PM, once again at the Fisher Green Stage. The show will definitely be bangin’, and I really wish I lived somewhere on the West Coast so I could attend the festival. Definitely check out Common Market on, MySpace, SadSteve, etc. They’re very worth it.




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