Grand Archives

3 09 2009

Hear ye, hear ye. Seattle Week continues as Eastman da Beastman talks about Grand Archives… because I ran out of time to write something. Very nice. (“Miniature Birds” is great, by the way. Good music for a commercial.)

Tonight, Alexei has math homework. I, however, just finished ranting to him about how very fond I am of hating math. It’s witty banter, really – so clever, in fact, you’d have to pay to see it, and this website does NOT condone stealing from artists. Point is, I’m continuing Seattle week with indie pop band Grand Archives.

Grand Archives 1

Grand Archives first hit the scene in early 2007 as just Archives. They threw some tracks onto their MySpace, Pitchfork holla’d at them, they got some buzz. Next thing you know, Modest Mouse handpicks them for a tour, and local indie record label (wait, does that make sense?) Sub Pop Records signs them on for a full-length. The same label is known for acts like Nirvana, The Postal Service, and The Shins, and is a well-respected establishment, so clearly, this band ain’t frontin’.

There are currently only five songs on their MySpace page, so there’s no definitive word on Grand Archives yet, but I like what I’ve heard. It’s putting me to sleep some, but not in a bad way. The song I’m listening to is actually called “Sleepdriving,” and I advise you not to listen to it in the car for just that reason. It’s relaxing, slow paced rock, with solid vocals and goodhearted pop elements. I’m not fully hearing a lot of the lyrics because I’m listening and writing simultaneously, but I’m getting enough to know that at the very least, they’re not cliche. I’ll have to inspect further once their album comes out.

The song “Miniature Birds” is an excellent example of catchy indie pop that doesn’t over-do it. Some whistling and a harmonica make the song memorable and even a little folk-rockish. A tune they call “Torn Blue Foam Couch” appeared in an episode of Scrubs earlier this year. It’s a good song, reminiscent of The Postal Service, but with less unique mail men.

Grand Archives 2

All in all, they’re worth a listen. I like them enough to check out their album whenever it hits shelves (assuming The Pirate Bay has shelves), and maybe the songs they have up now will be more refined once all the people too busy for MySpace (see: Facebook) start hearing what they’re about.




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