Dyme Def

2 09 2009

Yo, we’re halfway through Seattle Week, the week where we’re talkin’ artists from, that’s right, Seattle. Today’s it’s hip hop trio Dyme Def. Pretty dope.

So, as with many artists I’ve talked about, I discovered Dyme Def through Last.fm Radio, specifically Blue Scholars Radio. They’re a hip hop trio out of Seattle, and what I really love about this group is that they have a diverse sound. When listening to them, I heard everything from a Cool Kids-type sound (“Foot up on the Gas”) to a sort of Lupe-influenced method (“I’m Gone”). They released their Panic EP on 26 April of this year, and it’s definitely worth giving a listen.

Dyme Def 1

Dyme Def is pretty unlike anything I’ve heard out of the PNW, and while it’s a different sound, I think that’s what gives it some appeal. I find it to be based more around the rhythm and the beat as opposed to the lyrics. Now, this isn’t to say that they’re not lyrically inclined because they definitely turn some sick phrases, but I feel like the main appeal is supposed to be the beat.

“Rollin Stone” is a great song from their MySpace page. The beginning is really cool, where they used a dank vocal/choral-type sample and then immediately reverse it. “I’m a rollin stone, like a Flintstone’s bowling ball” is a super dank line, and it also is a great line to back up my point that they’re lyrically quite talented as well. This song really captures them to me, showing off both their beats and their rhymes.

On Dyme Def’s Last.fm page you can find a bunch of other songs to listen to for free (just click the little play button near the track title). “Let it Be” is one of those songs, and in this song they sample, you guessed it, The Beatles song of the same name. It’s a pretty sick sample of a great song. The lyrics are well thought-out, and this really is a quality song.

Dyme Def 2

On Monday, I mentioned that Macklemore will be playing at Bumbershoot this year, and if you’re going you, should see him. Well, all you lucky Bumbershoot-goers are going to get to see Dyme Def perform as well! Dyme Def are gonna be playing at 2:15 PM on 6 September 2009 at the Fisher Green Stage, which seems to be the stage to go to at the festival. To purchase music from Dyme Def, hit up their store. Most of the stuff is available there. You can also buy the Panic EP from Amazon.com for six bucks. Listen up.



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