Fleet Foxes

1 09 2009

Happy September! It’s day two of Seattle week. Yesterday, I discussed Seattle hip-hopper Macklemore. Today, I’m taking on indie folk group Fleet Foxes. Check it out.

Fleet Foxes was a group first suggested to me by a friend about a week after I started this whole blog deal. Little did I know, I’d be featuring them in my first ever city-week feature. They released their self-titled, first, full-length effort on 3 June 2008. It was preceded by the EP Sun Giant, which is what helped them gain their initial prominence. Fleet Foxes peaked at number three on the UK charts, and 36 on the US charts. They describe their sound as “baroque harmonic pop jams,” and I love it.

Fleet Foxes 1

White Winter Hymnal” was the first single off of Fleet Foxes, and it was the first song my friend suggested I listen to. It’s the most played track on their MySpace, clocking in at an incredible 5,677,480 plays (at the time this was written). Pitchfork loved the track, naming it their #2 song of 2008, losing out to “Blind” by Hercules and Love Affair. It’s definitely a catchy track, especially as far as the indie folk genre goes, which I personally think is a hard sound to achieve in an original, yet appealing manner. Having said that, “White Winter Hymnal” is nowhere near the best track this group has to offer in my opinion. Their other tracks really impressed me.

English House” is a track I really like, and I’d probably say it’s my favorite track off the MySpace. The guitar riff is great, and the floaty vocals mix well with the deep, kicking percussion. When I first heard of this track it reminded me of something from the late 60’s/early 70’s. The vocals are very enjoyable, and the instrumentation is quite well balanced. They have a mature, yet poppy sound, and it works in ways I never thought possible.

Fleet Foxes 2

Fleet Foxes are starting a European tour on 6 September 2009, kicking it off at the last day of Electric Picnic 2009. The festival is in Stradbally, Ireland, and judging from the line-up, it looks like it’ll be awesome. Sadly, after their European tour, Fleet Foxes are done touring until their next album comes out. I’m not sure when that’ll be, but I’m assuming next year. For now, though, get your Fleet Foxes fill from their MySpace, Sad Steve, or Amazon.com. Enjoy!



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