31 08 2009

Howdy. Welcome to the first day of Seattle Week on everydaymusic. Every artist I’ve got lined up for this week is from Seattle. Three are hip-hop acts, and the other two are rock/alternative/indie/what have you. If I enjoy this, I’ll probably do more features like this. Today, it’s Macklemore. Check out his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

I first heard of Macklemore earlier this year on Radio. I was listening to Blue Scholars Radio, and his song “At The Party” came up. It was a very clever track, and I was surprised at how tactfully he managed to do it. It’s about hip-hop and its history, and is told as if it’s a big party. While it’s an interesting concept, I think 90% of artists who would’ve attempted a track like this would’ve failed spectacularly. Macklemore, on the other hand, succeeds gloriously. The smooth delivery, constant hip-hop references, and dope sampling make for a track definitely worth listening to.

Macklemore 1

Macklemore’s MySpace page offers five songs to listen to, all very impressive. The production value is consistently there, and the lyricism is intelligent, yet catchy, something I’ve noticed in most of the hip-hop coming out of Seattle. “Love Song” (ft. Evan Roman) is my favorite song on the MySpace. It’s a nice, light-hearted tune, with a bouncy beat, but the lyrics are pretty deep, which provides perfect contrast. It gives the song a whole new dimension, and I totally feel it.

“I’m an American” is another song I want to highlight. It’s a satirical track, just oozing with sarcasm. The very first lines – “Got a picture of Reagan above my fire / next to the deer I shot with my rifle / NRA, hell yeah, I support ’em / No pro-choice, no abortion / Mexicans, send ’em back over the border / right on home to Samoa / wherever they come from” – perfectly demonstrate what the song is going for. If you’ve ever heard “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” by Toby Keith, this seems like a total parody of it. And I fucking love it.

Macklemore 2

Macklemore is an incredible artist, and according to, he’s “supremely at ease” in front of a crowd, making for a great live show. If you happen to be in Seattle for Bumbershoot, be sure to catch Macklemore! He’ll be playing September 7, at 12:30 PM at the Fisher Green Stage. If he ever comes anywhere on the East Coast, I will definitely be going to see him. He’s a great example of Seattle hip-hop, and I hope he blows up. He’s definitely doin’ it real big already. Buy his latest album The Language of My World, either through PayPal or on iTunes. Point is, listen to him.




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