26 08 2009

So, this whole “review OOF! and Humbug” thing hasn’t worked out. I just can’t find OOF! anywhere. I have Humbug, but I only managed to get it today, meaning I’ll probably review it and post it for tomorrow. Today, though, it’s all about Phoenix.

I use to find new music to listen to. In my opinion, it’s the most useful tool for discovering music. Before I started using however, I used Pandora Radio. Pandora is pretty much like’s radio feature, but what makes the banger is the fact that it shows you graphical representations of your listening habits. And I love graphs. Pandora lacks graphs, ergo it’s not as fun.

One day, while listening to music on graphless, old Pandora, I heard a song by a band called Phoenix. The song was pretty catchy, so I did some research on the band. Little did I know, Phoenix would become a group I could depend on for a consistently pleasing sound. I only have one (It’s Never Been Like That) of their four studio albums, the latest of which is called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and was released on May 25, 2009.

Phoenix 1

I can’t wait to listen to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, considering how much I love It’s Never Been Like That. They’re a band definitely worth getting into, as they’ve been slowly but surely climbing up the world charts, with their latest effort charting in 13 different countries. “Sometimes in the Fall” is the first song I ever heard by Phoenix, and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a great song; fast paced, catchy, almost Strokes-like. I’d even go as far to comparing them to a more French, more poppy version of The Strokes.

If you want to give them a listen, I’ve provided a few links to some songs down below. Want to buy Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix? Hit up the Amazon digital purchase. That’s all for now. Peace.

1) Long Distance Call
2) Consolation Prizes
3) Courtesy Laughs
4) Lisztomania




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30 10 2009
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix « everydaymusic

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