The Nightlight

21 08 2009

This post is mad late, and I apologize for that, but really, I doubt I need to apologize to anyone, seeing as I probably don’t have like “regular” readers yet. Today’s group is The Nightlight, a hip hop group consisting of JeanCarlo Mendez and Shea O’Rourke. They’re awesome.

I first heard of them like last year when a buddy of mine burned me their album Check 1,2 Reality. I loved them as soon as I heard them, but then I left the CD at a friend’s house and lost it forever. Recently, I’ve been reunited with a demo version of Check 1,2 Reality because that’s all I could find.

The Nightlight 1

You can listen to The Nightlight on MySpace. “Fruit of Love” is definitely my favorite tune on the album, and you can listen to it on MySpace. It’s one of those tracks that I can’t listen to without wanting to listen to it again immediately. The song is just plain fresh to death. The sample is killer, and I’d really like to know what it is, so if anyone knows, tell me. “More Rhymes” is also a sick song, with an awesome Beatles sample, definitely worth listening to.

I love the fact that their music has such an old school feel. Their flow is super captivating, and they just ooze creativity. This is by far my favorite act out of Jacksonville that I’ve heard to date. Listen to them. So worth it.



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