Joshua Radin

17 08 2009

[Instead of me, someone else will address you today about an artist I’ve personally never listened to. So, I have no opinion on him. Sad, but true. Check the SadSteve page for Joshua Radin.]

So, it’s Chris, resident cynic. I’m all tuckered out, so I’ma just phone this one in. Just lettin’ y’all know. Instead of hitting you with a review, I’ll just talk about an artist I think more people need to listen to, who has owned my ringtone for almost half a year – a folk singer named Joshua Radin.

If you watch Scrubs regularly, you’ve heard him. His songs have appeared in several different episodes; he and Zach Braff are good friends. He was also asked to play at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s wedding (beating out the likes of George Michael and Justin Timberlake, oh snap) – so, the dude’s got credentials. He describes his music as “whisper-rock,” a term you’ll immediately understand upon listening to him. Radin‘s first album, We Were Here (2006), is my favorite of his two full-lengths. It’s sweet and heavy, like a Swiss chocolate rhinoceros, with quality, heartfelt lyrics and a unique voice, so don’t let the “folk rock” tag throw you off. He’s also mastered the catchy guy-and-his-guitar pop standard – every one of his songs will get stuck in your head, and most deserve solid radio play. His second album, Simple Times (2008), expands on his happy pop side more than the first, with a crucial mix of more somber and serious tunes. He has also released several EPs, though most of the songs on these EPs end up on his full-lengths. This guy is good, he’s getting big, and he’s going places. [Smiths cover]

Joshua Radin 1

Though I like his first album more, the quality between the two doesn’t falter one bit, and I expect him to continue producing excellent music. Anyone interested in folk rock, acoustic, adult contemporary, or just good pop music should give him a listen. You can thank me later – I like breakfast cereal and hockey, I’m sure there’s a way to turn that into a dank gift basket. Flowers are cool too, I’m on a Georgia O’Keeffe kick right now.

Listen to:
Star Mile
Vegetable Car




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