Tito Beatz

14 08 2009

Hey. Since it’s Friday, I’m going to be lazy. But I’ll make up for it next week, when I’ll be reviewing either Third Eye Blind’s new album or Sister Hazel’s new album. I still haven’t decided which. Today, though, it’s Tito Beatz.

Tito Beatz is a producer out of Jacksonville, Florida, and I first heard his production on Lil Steve’s mixtape. Tito also works with the Hometown Heroes, who are also out of Duval. I’m not really a huge fan of this type of hip hop, and I find it to be over-synthesized, but I mean, apparently it’s what’s popular now. There’s no doubt that Tito is a talented producer, so if you’re an MC who likes the new synth sound, you may be interested in his beats. Definitely check out his MySpace and get at him about making a beat for you.

Tito Beatz 1

You can find some of his work showcased on Lil Steve’s mixtape that was released about a month ago. I covered it in the August 17th edition of the blog. Like I said, these beats aren’t really my style, and I personally wouldn’t rap over them, just because I’d sound stupid with all the synthetics, but it’s definitely a very now sound, almost reminiscent of trip-hop, so if you’re into it, check it out. Support your local music scene. Peace.




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