The Foreign Exchange

12 08 2009

Think there’s an artist or album that should be reviewed or at least mentioned on everydaymusic? Tell me. I might eventually get around to acting on suggestions. Honestly, I had a much better opening paragraph written, and then my computer crashed (Vista = whack). Today, it’s The Foreign Exchange.

The Foreign Exchange has probably one of the coolest stories about how they formed. American rapper Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay never actually saw each other in person until they started touring. They met online at the message boards at, a hip-hop forum. They began working together, with Nicolay making beats and getting them to Phonte. Phonte would then record vocals and send it all back to Nicolay, who would master the tracks. They soon formed The Foreign Exchange and would go on to release Connected in 2004.

The Foreign Exchange 1

All That You Are” is probably my favorite song off of Connected. The production value is very high, and that’s actually a pretty true statement for just about every song produced by Nicolay. “The Answer” is another song I really like, and it actually features Kenn Starr, an artist I covered a few days ago. All in all, Connected is a really solid album and definitely one I am very fond of. They released their second album, Leave It All Behind, last October, but I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet. From what I’ve seen, the reviews seem to be very positive overall, so I’m assuming it’s a good listen.

The Foreign Exchange offers a free download of the Leave It All Behind sampler, which is useful in deciding whether or not the album is worth investing in, so check it out. The more important thing, though, is this free download of Connected. It’s a great album, and it’s well worth the download. Enjoy!



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