7 08 2009

Hey, it’s Friday, and today we’re talking about local Jacksonville group Dancell. They’re gonna be playing tonight (August 7) at Freebird Live with From First to Last, The Sophomore Attempt, and some others.

Dancell is an alternative rock group out of Jacksonville, FL. Drummer/vocalist Patrick Dancel and bassist/vocalist Jun Condez both attended Fletcher High School, while guitarist Sherwin Rio and keyboardist Mark Micolucci both attend Stanton College Prep. They also have a newly added guitarist named Chavis Fullmore. I’ve listened to every song that this group has on their MySpace page, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. I normally don’t like that genre of music, but it’s impressive that they’ve managed to put something so good together. “Cityscape” is probably my favorite track up there, and I especially like the keyboard work in that tune. They currently have 9 songs recorded and are working on getting an album out.

Dancell 1

Dancell’s got three shows coming up, according to their MySpace page. TONIGHT they’ll be playing at Freebird Live with From First to Last, The Sophomore Attempt, Rapture Indeed, and We Still Dream. That show is $10 for tickets in advance, but seeing as this post is coming the day of, if you decide to attend you’ll probably be paying the $15 fee for entry at the door. Dancell also has a $10 show coming up the 19th of September at Jack Rabbit’s with Hello Danger, and supposedly more, although I don’t know who the “more” part includes. The 11th of October, Dancell will be playing the Battle for Planetfest at Jack Rabbit’s, and tickets for that are also $10. If you’re interested in attending, contact Dancell through MySpace or something, and I’m sure they’ll tell you what to do.

Well, that’s it for this week on everydaymusic.

Remember, Dancell show TONIGHT at FreeBird Live at 8:00 PM. You should go. Support local music.



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