YouTube Favorites

30 07 2009

I figured some days instead of sitting down and busting out a 1,000+ word full review of an album, I can just do something fun and mostly irrelevant. So, today I’m gonna take ten music-related YouTube videos out of my favorites and showcase them. Bam.

1) The music video for Big L’s “Put It On”
Highlights: “my guns go boom boom, and your guns go pow pow”
every outfit he wears
1:33-1:50 sick flow
Fat Joe

2) Vampire Weekend performing “Mansard Roof” in a van in Paris
Highlights: shaker close-up from 1:19-1:36
the rough “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” at the end

3) The Swing Era lives through an owl
Highlights: all 58 seconds

4) “Innercity Boundaries” by Freestyle Fellowship
Highlights: those shots where they’re like spinning in a circle with the camera at the center
the fact that most of the people are wearing sunglasses inside

5) Every Kanye West Sample ever
Highlights: definitely a ten minute video worth watching if you are at all a Kanye fan
the Steely Dan sample for “Champion”
“PYT” sample
Gil Scott-Heron sample is great, too

6) Ben Fold Presents: University A Cappella! The Documentary
Highlights: a must-watch for any fans of Ben Folds or A Cappella, or both
“Jesusland” is probably my favorite one of these, the intro is awesome

7) Richard Wright Piano Tribute
Highlights: incredible pianist does a medley of 7 Pink Floyd songs
if you like Pink Floyd at all check this out

8) Nirvana v. Rick Astley
Highlights: NirvanaRoll’d

9) “Thriller” 64-track A Cappella
Highlights: Sick video, because every track is labeled so you know what sound it is
He does all the sounds himself, so it’s pretty funny sometimes

10) “Triste” – AC Jobim (cover)
Highlights: some good old bossa nova action
this dude does great bossa work, this is my favorite of his videos

Hope you like these videos as much as I did. (Disclaimer: I haven’t slept in a long time, so that’s why this piece sucks.)



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