Phase 3

24 07 2009

I refuse to call this a cop-out article.

Phase 3 is a group out of Jacksonville, FL. Their highly anticipated second album was supposed to come out in late July, but I’ve heard from certain sources that the album will not be arriving at the said time. Once again, Phase 3 is postponing the release of the album, which has now gone through multiple titles. The current one is Phat Reign, but by the release date of the album, that might well change.

Now, this isn’t to say that Phase 3 hasn’t been busy in the studio. They’ve already got a good chunk of the album lined up and ready, but there’ve been some hold ups in the recording process. They haven’t really gotten around to it. I’ve been told that most lyrics and most beats are done, and if they wanted to, they could easily release an album right now, but they claim that (for the benefit of the fan base), they need to wait until they get recording equipment slightly better than a ten dollar microphone from Wal-mart. With a capable microphone running about $80-$100, it seems like it’ll be at least a couple months before the album’s release.

The last album Phase 3 released was Maria, which achieved a sort of “cult classic” reputation. Phat Reign (or whatever it may be called) looks to surpass that. They have recently updated their MySpace page, and they took all the songs off in the process. You can also follow Phase 3 on Twitter, where the news of the album postponement originally broke.

In unrelated news:
I was considering using Friday as a day to review groups from Jacksonville, or anywhere in Florida, really. Not on a track-by-track basis, but just a short blurb about the mixtape/demo/album and a few links. If anyone’s interested, contact information is on the Contact page. Thanks.




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